Drive-In Movies

To quote a great man- "what's up with enclosed movie theaters nowadays?"  I'm trying out this blog as a way of talking about some things I'm listening to.  I figured for the first post, it would be appropriate to mention a song I recently heard, which I have adopted as the theme song for my production company.  When I first heard it, it actually sounded familiar.  Or like a song I should know but didn't.  I was sure that it was from the 60s.  But it turns out it's brand new!  Very cool.  I hadn't really been familiar with Ray LaMontagne but now I want to listen to more of his music.  My fav line: "I wanna be the guy who doesn't like to fight, who could kick your ass if you touch his girl.  Wanna be the guy who breaks all the rules, but the cops let him off cuz they think he's cool."